Activities & Events

BACK-to-SCHOOL--Held each year in the Fall--this event gives parents, students and staff a chance to eat, meet, and share.

CAREERS--Exciting possibilities! How will I use my giftedness, ability and knowledge AFTER I graduate high school?

EARTH DAY @ Porterville Adult School








---2013 event--CLICK

---2012 event--click HERE 

---2011 celebration-- CLICK HERE

---2010 event-- CLICK HERE

---2006 to 2009 events--CLICK HERE.

--2005--we sold Earth Day shirts...

---IDEAS for Earth Day--CLICK


GIANT TECH EXPO--2011 will be our 4th time to participate in this event that's held annually at College of the Sequoia. CLICK HERE for more information. 2/4/2011--Storytelling presentation assistance by Rebecca, Monte and Ted from