Earth Day 2016

Our 11th year hosting a festival-like event for K-6th grade students, parents, & teachers and the community-at-large. Students and individuals/groups from the community and elsewhere will be presenting earth & living-thing-friendly concepts and ideas. In the past, we've had up to 35 presenters with 950+ students, parents, teachers, and community members in attendance. Click to review events from past years.

DATE: April 1, 2016! No fooling!!!

Presented by Prospect Education Center, Citrus High School, Monache High School/Environmental Science Academy, and Butterfield Charter High School/Porterville Unified School District.

Time: 10:00 A.M. until 2:00 P.M.

Location: 645 N. Prospect Education Center, 645 N. Prospect St., Porterville, CA 93257 * USA



Dawn Crater, Director

Steve Reynolds, Earth Day 2016 Coordinator

Phone: 559/782-7095x4611

FAX: 559/781-6846


Information @ Earth Day Network--CLICK!


COMMUNITY IS INVITED: Y'ALL COME! Free Water * Free Ice Cream * Free Information!!!

This year--28 presenters and 850 students, staff & community members!



If you would like to present at Earth Day 2016, CLICK, complete, & return the form.

1. "Going Green" * CSET, Visalia, CA

2. "Seed Starters Using Toilet Paper Rolls" * Porterville Library, Porterville, CA

3."Floating for Health" * Dharma Floats, Porterville, CA

4. "Drones for Life" * TGN Distributing, Exeter, CA

5. "Land Trust" * Sequoia Riverlands Trust, Visalia, CA

6. "Birds of Prey" * Birds, Springville, CA

7. "Sheep" * Wilkinson Farms, Ducor, CA

8. "Earth--A Better Place!" * USFS, Springville, CA

9.  "Building a Weather-Ready Nation" * US Weather Service, Hanford, CA

10. "Community Gardening" * Dave Prestage, Bartlett Middle School, Porterville, CA

11. "Mobile Energy Unit/MEU" * Southern California Edison, Rosemead, CA

12. "Soil Science, Earthquakes, native plants, butterflies, bees, water quality, watershed, macroinvertebrates, newts" * Environmental Science Academy @ MHS, Porterville, CA

13. "Police Helping Us" * Porterville Police Department, Porterville, CA

14.  Granite Hills High School/unable to attend

15. "Gardening" * Citrus High School, Porterville, CA

16. Eagle's Nest

17. "Save the Sea Animals!" Pioneer Middle School, Porterville, CA

18. "California Water" Vista del Lago Visitor Center, DWR, Gorman, CA

19. "Reptiles" Porterville, CA

20. "Low-water landscaping, bird feeders, recycling, compost, & hospitality" * Prospect Education Center, Porterville, CA

21. "Solar Energy w/Alternative Energy Resource Occupations/AERO" * Porterville High School, Porterville, CA

22. "Culligan Water for PEC" * Culligan of Lindsay

23. "Massage for Health" Andie Reynolds & Healing Arts Academy, Porterville, CA

24. "Reading for Life" Tulare County Farm Bureau & KTIP, Visalia & Porterville, CA





(i) Invited but not confirmed--

--Wild Places, Porterville, CA--

-- FoodCorps

--Jonsteens Trees

-- Porterville Recorder, Porterville, CA

"xxx * Butterfield Charter High School, Porterville, CA

--Porterville Sheltered Workshop

--Sungevity Solar




Unable to Attend This Year

--Wells Fargo Bank--Stagecoach

--Granite Hills High School




If you and your students would like to attend, CLICK to complete, & submit the online form. If you would like a printed form to FAX or mail, CLICK here.

--Belleview School--Reim

--Belleview School--Rodriguez

--Belleview School--Scott

--More Schools? 

--Monte Vista--Martinez

--Monte Vista--Porter

--Monte Vista--Everett

--Olive Street School--Adegbeno-Maese

--Olive Street School-Conway

-- Olive Street School--Robles

--Olive Street School--Grigsby

--Olive Street School--Kling

--Olive Street School--Velasquez

--Santa Fe--McCoy

--Santa Fe--Ojeda

--Santa Fe--Leyva

--Santa Fe--Garcia

--Santa Fe--Carrillo-Rivas

--Springville School--Sanders

--Zion Lutheran School--Anderson/K through 8




(i) Invited but not confirmed

--Porterville Elementary Schools

--Earlimart School--Michelle Saunders 3rd Grade

--Strathmore Elementary School

--Lindsay Schools

--Ducor School

--Hot Springs School

--Terra Bella School

--Hope School

--Rockford School

--Alta Vista School

--Burton Schools

--Tulare County Schools



Unable to Attend This Year

--Pleasant View School--Hunter/4th Grade




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