Projects for Science and Advisory

Projects are to--

* Have an idea web/graphic organizer

* Be written with your own thoughts in your own words. Copying or plagiarism will result in no credit for the submitted project--see PEC General Grading Rubric and Typed Paper Guidelines

* Cite sources for bibliography and graphics/photos




SRT Dry Creek Preserve

Citizen Science 2018 @ PEC


SPRING 2017--

--SRT Dry Creek Preserve

--Earth Day 2017

--World Hunger


FALL 2016--

--Friends in India!

--Science Club/Exploravision & Google Science Fair


SPRING 2016--

--SRT Dry Creek Preserve

--Earth Day 2016



FALL 2015--

--NGSS-format units of study

--Toshiba ExploraVision

--Prep for PEC Earth Day 2016


SPRING 2015--
--Creativity & Science
--Citizen Scientists

FALL 2014--
--Rosetta Space Mission

SPRING 2014--Looking to the future--housing, ecology, the environment and travel: Hank-Bought-a-Bus! along with Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail...or Spring Break Science 2014.


WebRangers and iHike--exploring and learning about our National Parks. Click to join and earn DCWscience credit...


--DCWscience Unit Description Sheet




 FALL 2013 MT. EVEREST--students in science classes are virtually climbing Mt. Everest with the ePals on Mt. Everest link: CLICK to access information about the adventure.


RUSSIAN FRIENDS--ePal connect with students in Petrovsk, Russian Federation--CLICK.

BLOG for Russian Friends




Projects from Prior Years--CLICK for information.


ExploraVision & eCyberMission--CLICK.




CREATE a WEBSITE--CLICK for instructions.


ANYTIME project...What I'm Doing & Learning...CLICK to access DCW project.


Doing Research @ PEC
Doing Research @ PEC

SPRING 2011 * Scientific Research and Presentation (1/2 to 1 Biology, Earth Science or Integrated Science credit)--

Click to access the assignments for this unit of study.



FALL 2010 * Learning Here & There--Comparing Education in China With Education in the USA--(science & DCW credit) A school project for University and an elective project for students @ PEC. If you would like to talk with Caroline, click HERE for her email. Her schedule for Skype audio & video will be listed here:

---Monday, December 13, 2010--10AM PDT

Questions for Students:


1.       What kind of test is the SAT? How many parts are there in that test? Can you talk about your thoughts and feelings about the SAT?

2.       What courses are you taking now? Which do you like best? Have you ever take any courses you really liked? Why did you like them?

3.      Can you describe your best educational experience in high school?

4.       Can you describe your worst educational experience in high school?

5.       What kinds of assignments are usually given by your teachers? Which do you prefer?

6.       How long does it take to finish your homework every day?

7.       How would you describe a good student?

8.       What kinds of management techniques do your teachers have in the classroom? If you think that some of the managements are not good or fair, will you give suggestions to teachers?

9.       How would you describe the relationship between teachers and students in your school?

Angel Island, CA
Angel Island, CA

FALL 2010--Vacation Survey (0.5 DCW credit)--Click to take the Vacation Survey. Go to Take the Vitality Compass and Happiness Compass  quizzes; record your scores for each one. Send me an email -- 1) Let me know you participated in the vacation survey and the quizzes--include the scores for the quizzes, 2) What did you like about this assignment and 3) What would you change to make it better. Remember to include your name, subject and period in the Subject line of your email.


FALL 2006--Windows into Wonderland

SPRING 2005-Music @ Prospect Education Center

Click for information about what we did in the class...should we do it again?