EARTH DAY 2015 @ Prospect Education Center

Good Citizens Teaching Others About Taking Care of Planet Earth

EXCITING!...students and staff are gearing up for our community event! This year marks our 10th celebration. Check back for update information. If you are a member of the community, a teacher interested in bringing your class or a presenter with an earth-friendly/living-thing-friendly idea to share, contact Steve Reynolds at 559/782-7095x611 or


FREE--information, ice cream, and water! Come and Enjoy!!!


When: Friday, May 1, 2015

Where: 645 N. Prospect Avenue, Porterville, CA 93257

Indoor or Outdoor: Outdoors

Time: 10:00 A.M. until 2:00 P.M.

Invited: Teachers & Students in Grades K-6 and the community-at-large

Updated:  April 30, 2015

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CONFIRMED PRESENTATIONS--Final day to enroll--Tuesday, April 21, 2015

1-NOAA/US Weather Service, Hanford, CA--Weather-Ready Nation

2-Sequoia Community Corp, Visalia, CA--Recycling & Conservation

3-Porterville Public Library--Recycled Music

4-Citrus High School, Porterville, CA--Plant Demonstration & Greenhouse

5-Mearle Stone/Volt, Porterville, CA--Volt or Spark

6-Culligan Water, Lindsay, CA--Water trailer

7-BullzEye Advertising, Porterville, CA--Welcome to Earth Day!!!

8-PEC Advisory--Sue Acob--Solar Ovens...

9-PEC Students/Karen Vanni/Child Care-Temporary TATS for Tots...

10-USFS and Smokey Bear--(Bev) * Smokey for Kids...

11-TCOE Robotics, Visalia, CA-Robotics & Earth Day

12-Sequoia Riverlands Trust, Visalia, CA--Conservation in the Central Valley

13-Circle J Ranch/SCICON, Springville, CA--Bees

14-Wilkinson Sheep, Ducor, CA--Sheep+

15-Jamba Juice--preorder to have on May 1

16-Bartlett Middle School, Porterville, CA--Community Garden

17-Porterville Police Department--Safety, Anti-gang, Anti-bullying, PD info

18-Mr. Franco & Mr. Corwin--Helping Hands Help Save Water

19-Dharma Floats (Steve), Porterville, CA--Flotation Therapy for Health

20-Pleasant View School, Poplar, CA-Recycled 2-Liter Bottle Raft

21-Environmental Science Academy/MHS/PUSD, Projects for Earth Day

22-Wild Ones, Springville, CA--Wild Raptors

23-Vista del Lago Visitors Center, Department of Water Resources--Drought Issues

24-Sequoia Middle School, Porterville, CA--Seed, Sod, P, & N

25-Reptiles--here with us; live!

26-All Drone Solutions, Exeter, CA--Drones and Planet Earth

27--MHS Earth Day 2015Video Shoot

28---Welcome to Earth Day! PEC Earth Day Student Committee and Staff

29--Citizenship--PEC Students

00-Advisory: Sheri Keen-Water Conservation, Karen Vanni-Oceanography, Steve Reynolds-Lorax

000-PEC History Students/Sue Acob-History Posters w/ Earth-Friendly Legislation



Earth Day 2015 Presenter Registration--click HERE...(contact @ PEC)

Funding Factory--EcoBudddies learning curriculum--FREE!

Homegrown Organic Farms-(Steve)

Drought-Resistant Landscaping plants--(Steve)

Family Farm Fresh--(Bev)

Sequoia Natural History Association-(Steve)

National Parks Service/Sequoia and Kings Canyon-(Steve) * Web Rangers

Giant Sequoia National Monument Association--(Steve)

Porterville Sheltered Workshop/Boomerang Recycling--(Michelle)

E-Waste Recycling--(Michelle)

Army Corp of Engineers--(Steve)

Tulare County Farm--(Bev)

Science Dippity/Tim Baker--(Steve)

Tulare HHSA--(Karen)

Family Health Care Network--

Sierra View District Hospital--(Michelle & Chhaya)

Wild Places--(Jim H.)

Whole Foods--(Steve)

UC Davis--(Mr. Franco)

Culligan Water--(Steve)

Tulare County Animal Shelter--(Sonja)



Home Depot--(Julissa)

Sierra Forest Products--

Setton Pistachio--(Steve)


In-Shape City--(Julissa)

City of Porterville Wastewater Treatment--(Steve)

Channel 26/Kevin Ramer/Weather or Kopi--(Michelle)

Terra Bell Asphalt Recycling--(Sonja/Don)


Solar Installation--(Michelle, Carla, Jim H.)

Sierra Management/Porterville Transportation

Aro Pistacho-(Julissa)


Vallarta Market--




PM bikes--Cllick...

Clifton's Nursery, Porterville, CA--

Water Conservation--(Steve)

Arbor Day--(Steve)

Emergency Water Relocation/Transportation--

Mendez Auto Repair/Smog--(Jessica)

Kids vs. Global Warming--(Steve)

Habitat for Humanity--low-cost shelter-(Steve)

Lemon Cove Village--small houses-(Steve)***

Kids Right to Know Club--(Steve)

PHS Science-- 

GHHS Science--Diane Wagner

SHS Science--

HMA Science--

SCCA Science (Steve) 


Exeter Irrigation--(Autumn)

Disabled People--(Paige)

Tulare County Sheriff (Steve)

SAM Academy (Steve), Sanger, CA--Applied Science

City of Porterville, CA--Water Conservation

Sequoia Sightseeing Tours, Visalia, CA (Steve)

***Koempel Landscaping (Steve)

Cary's Honey Farms, Inc. (Steve)

Lindsay Hydroponics (Steve)

Tulare Solar/Canby's

***Jonsteen Company--trees

***Pioneer Middle School, Porterville, CA--Don't Litter & School Garden

***Tulare County Farm Bureau, Visalia, CA--Planting a Seed



***Contacted & considering coming:-)


SCHOOLS & CLASSES ATTENDING w/ NUMBER of STUDENTS--Final day to register--Monday, April 20, 2015

CLICK for Teacher/Class registration form

1-Belleview School--2 classes (2nd grade-60)

2-California Hot Springs School--(all classes-15)

3-Hope School--1 class (30)

4-Olive Street School--6 classes (5th & 6th-180)

5-Springville School--3 classes (90)

6-West Putnam School--6 classes (K & 5-150)

7-Vandalia School-1 class (4th & 5th-30)

00-Final day to register--Monday, April 20, 2015


DONATIONS--If you would like to donate items or funds to help sustain this event, call or email; tax ID number available--


* Walmart Distribution Center-funds

* Jonsteen Company--trees

* Save Mart--bags for students



Application for Earth Day Student Science Committee-CLICK.

DCW Assignment for Earth Day event-CLICK.

Smokey Bear Suit application

Photographer application