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TODAY--CLICK for Bellwork assignment--SCIENCE and ADVISORY.


16 August 2015-school starts tomorrow for the 2015-2016 school year!


Tuesday, December 16, 2014--I can talk a bit; my goal is to be back with you tomorrow...Questions? Email me:


Second day of the last week in 1st Semester 2014. You'll be working with Karen's info:


Period 3--Current Science--If you didn't do "TuYa" yesterday, do it today; if you need a different Current Science, do "Science You Pick". If you need to take a test, complete a Test Version and Readiness Sheet and have Karen sign it. If you've completed a unit and are ready to hand it in, make sure all parts are attached--take the BW paper for the unit out of your folder, make sure 5 Current Science papers are attached, and make sure the self-reflection pages are completed. Complete a receipt, have Karen sign it and give her your completed unit. Get the next new unit from Barbara.


Period 8--Do a "Science You Pick" for Current Advisory. Hand in your completed Monthly Work #5 to Karen--make sure all pages are attached, including the BW paper from your folder. Drawing was scheduled to happen today; we'll do it in January. Have a great vacation!

Rosetta Space Journey link--CLICK...



Monday, December 15, 2014--First day of the last week in 1st Semester and 2014! Alas, I cannot talk due to sinus issues. Here's info for today: 1) Continue working on your unit(s). If you need to take a test, have the substitute sign a Test Version and Readiness sheet for you. If you've completed a unit, give it to the substitute and ask him/her to give you a receipt for the completed unit. You may get the next unit from Barbara. 2) End-of-Semester Drawing was scheduled for today; we're postponing it 'till Wednesday. Questions? Email me:




3/Week of August 26 through 30, 2013--this is our third week in school year 2013-2014. Last Friday, we reviewed science class procedures; this week, we will continue practicing procedures while we study and learn science concepts. On Monday, we'll be revisiting the seed experiment.


Friday, we logged our 1st through 3rd Harvest of the Month choices for SUMMER fruits and veggies. Here are the results: corn/8, grapes/30, green beans/7, melons/19, peaches/32, peppers/3, plums/2, potato/8, salad greens/5, zucchini/2.



Week of 19-22  February 2013--Hope each of you had a good "President's Day Holiday."

23 October 2011--Curriculum writing and revision for Integrated Science 1, biology and Earth science are underway; thanks to all who are helping with the task!!!

15 August 2011--NSTA Survey Results--Student Opinions About Science: CLICK for information.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010--Current Science: "Little House on the Parkway" Click & watch the following video; take Cornell-notes:

Thursday. September 2, 2010--Tomorrow's the last day in CP1. Our goal is to have at least one unit completed. If you have questions, talk with me.

September 1, 2010--We're midway in our third week of school and beginning a new month!  Homework for today is to read this blog and print your course page (Biology or Earth Science) from this site.

Friday, 8/27/2010--We finished our second week of school! I 've added a review unit that should be completed in 2.5 periods and is worth 1/2 credit. CP1 ends next Friday. Have a good weekend!

Friday, 8/20/2010--We finished our first week of school! We have partners in class and are working on our first unit of study. CP 1 ends on the 3rd of September. Have a good weekend!

8/17/2010--Today, I added a page for our morning Bellwork/Getting Started activity--click to access: Bellwork-Getting Started