Earth & Space Science @ PEC

Course title: Earth Science (P) * Course number: 3053 *  Credits: 10 * Updated: 6 July 2013


Course Description:Earth Science is a year-long, standards-based course. It covers the topics of geology, meterology, physical oceanography, and astronomy. It meets only the "G" elective requirement for UC and CSU. It addresses the California State standards; students will take the CST exam for Earth Science.


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PUSD Essential Standards for Earth Science: CLICK for poster and student-friendly listing.


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Earth Science Introduction and Placement 0.5 (IEC)
Investigation & Science Fair 0.5 (IEM)
Earth--Early v. Today 0.5 1C,8B
Solar System 0.5 1A
Sun and Other Stars 1.0 1E, 2A/D
Energy 0.5 4A/B/C
Atmosphere & Oceans 1.0 5A/D, 8A
Climate 0.5 6B
Rocks, Tectonics and Quakes 1.0 3a/B/C/D
Cycles--Carbon and Nitrogen 0.5 7A/B

Geology, Resources, and

Hazards in California

0.5 9A/B
* Review for Benchmark #3 0.5


7A/B, 9A/B

* CST Preparation and Administration 0.5 all standards
Resources & Conservation--Water & other 0.5 1C, IEM
Earth Day Project 0.5 (IEM)
Earth Day Presentation 1.0 (IEM, L)
Extra unit: Geologic and Topographic Maps (0.5) (IEH)
Extra unit: