Helping Prospect Education Center


Box Tops for Education
Find this graphic!

Box Tops for Education--Click to find out more about the program. Sue is collecting coupons for our site...bring them by school or mail them to her: Sue Acob, PEC Boxtops for Education, 600 W. Grand Avenue, Porterville, CA 93257. 

A message from your school's Coordinator:

Thanks for supporting our school! Together, we can made a big difference! Keep clipping Box Tops and send them to school before the fall submission deadline, Nov. 1 or the spring submission deadline, Mar. 1, so I can mail them in and get cash for our school--Sue.

Boomerang Recycling---plastic, glass, aluminum...bring yours by PEC and put items in the blue recycling containers. Periodically, Steve takes these to Boomerang Recycling and gets money to use at Prospect Education Center--typically $20 to $30 per quarter. CLICK for total-to-date.


Recycling--ink jet and toner cartridges, cell phones and electronics with Cartridges for Kids and Funding Factory. Bring these by and give them to Steve; many items generate money for PEC.


S.H.A.R.E.S. card for Prospet Education Center. If you shop at Save Mart Supermarket, using this FREE card can send money back to PEC; get yours from Steve--in person or ask him to mail one to you: SHARES @ PEC, Steve Reynolds, 600 W. Grand Avenue, Porterville, CA 93257



TARGET--Take Charge of Education--if you have a Target Red Card and would like for a percentage of your purchase dollars to go to Prospect Education Center, click HERE to enroll.




There are many ways to help students and staff at Prospect Education Center...

Assistance, Tutoring, Speaking, Serving, Committee Input...


--Helping Students & Teachers During Class--would you like to help during class?

--Helping Students & Teachers After Class--would you like to help after class?

--School Site--would you like to help us with buildings and grounds?

--School Site Council--would you like to serve on our school site council?

--Speaking--to students during advisory or subject area clases?

--Special Events--would you like to help at special events--Back to School Night, Earth Day, Graduate Recognition Ceremony, others?


PATHWAY TO VOLUNTEERING @ PEC--Click to access and print the PUSD paperwork for volunteering. Bring completed paperwork to the office for review. When you're approved, you may join us!