Classroom Guidelines



Class Guidelines/Rules: 1) Listen and Follow Directions, 2) Communicate Positively and Courteously, 3) Be Kind and Encouraging to Students and Staff4) Act Safely, and 5) Dress Code, Phone, Food, Equipment/Supplies.


Behavior in Class--Click HERE!


At the beginning  of class--1) Sit at your workstation, 2) Record date on Attendance Sheet in your science folder, 3) Complete the CS/CA/CC/CM/HoM assignment. You need to be in your seat and working to be marked "on time".


Daily Classwork-- Work on your assignment as a group or at your workstation.


Partner(s)--Help each other get work completed and learn.


Getting Help During Partner Time--Three things to do: 1) Ask your partner, check in books/materials and/or the Internet, 4) turn on the help light and wait for the LANS or Steve and 3) work quietly on something you know how to do 'till help arrives.


Getting Help @ Home--1) Email or call your partner, 2) email or call Steve, 3) talk with family members/others at home, 4) check Google shared folder.


Homework--unfinished assignments become homework; check the schedule on your unit for guidance regarding when items need to be completed.


Completed Assignment(s)--turn in to Steve for review. Get receipt for completed unit.


Posting Credit--Steve will review your unit and post credit. Write credit earned on your Course Description Sheet when you get it back. Turn the receipt in to the drawing container.


Due Date--The unit due date is listed at the top of your Unit Description Sheet. Make sure you finish the unit on or before that date. Late unit: one percentage point will be subtracted from the total score for the unit. Overall score for the unit must be 70% or better to receive credit. DCW Past Due Unit; elective credit is available. If you need an extension, meet with Steve before the due date.


Current Science (CS, CA, CC, CM) and Harvest of the Month--student records item on log sheet; attach completed pages to cover sheet.


Semester Project/CS*HoM--student records item on log sheet; attach completed pages to cover sheet and turn in at the end of the semester for credit.



Revised 29 August 2015