Behavior in Class

[   ] 1--As you enter the classroom, begin thinking about the class subject and what you're going to be doing and learning.. All activity in class should be focused on learning-at-hand. Discussion about non-subject topics are for out-of-classroom.


[   ] 2--Work at your assigned workstation or seat.


[   ] 3--First 5 Minutes


[   ] 4--Follow daily classroom instructions to complete assignments and units in a timely manner. 


[   ] 5--Class Guidelines/Rules--1) Listen and Follow Directions, 2) Communicate Positively and Courteously, 3) Be Kind and Encouraging to Students and Staff4) Act Safely, and 5) Dress Code, Phone, Food, Equipment/Supplies. CONSEQUENCES: 1) Stop, 2) Call/Letter Home w/ 5 Minute Detention, 3) Student/Parent/Teacher Meeting w/ Plan, 4) Administration


[   ] 6--If you have a question or problem during the work period, 1) ask your partner. If he/she doesn't know the answer or cannot help, 2) raise your hand or turn on the light @ your workstation or set science folder on end; teacher or aide will help you. 'Till help arrives, work quietly on something you know how to do.


[   ] 7--Cell phone--OK to use outside of class; off and put away while in class. 1st--phone to be picked up after class. 2nd--phone to office; picked up after school. 3rd--phone to be picked up by parent.


[   ]  8--Complaint? Attitude? Talk to the person responsible--become part of the solution!


[   ] 9----Clean-up at the end of the period--books neat,  basket in order, desktop clean, & chair in.


[   ] 10--Stay in your seat; teacher will dismiss class when the bell rings.


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