Digital Earth Day 2017

Toby and Hope are wishing you a Happy Earth Day 2017!


This is our 12th year sponsoring an Earth Day event. We're returning to our roots--students sharing earth & living-thing-friendly ideas with others. Click below for access to projects--



Taking care of Planet EARTH--CLICK for Google Docs links to student projects/presentations.



Period One--Integrated Science/Biology, Earth & Space Science, Integrated Science, and 7th & 8th Grade Sciences


* Plant a Tree--

* Using Less Water--



Period Two--Biology & Life Science


* Reusable Shopping Bags--

* Reuse Things--




Period Three--Integrated Science


* How to Recycle Bottles



Period Four--Integrated Science


* Compost

* Toxic Chemicals

* Endangered Animals



Period Five--Biology


* Picking Up Trash

* Save Energy by Turning Off Unused Lights

* Cooking Simple Foods With Solar Energy

* Stop Polluting the Air!

* Earth Day & DNA



Period Six--Biology, Earth & Space Science, Integrated Science, 7th Grade Science, & 8th Grade Science


 * Recycling Crayons



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