My Vacation

To receive DCW credit, document your daily activity via Powerpoint(r), website or blog. If you use a website or blog, make sure you complete and have your parents sign the release form; get the signed copy to Steve @ PEC.


[   ] _______ 1/Get approval from Steve to complete this project--For what time period would you like to do this project? Begin _______ End _______. Email this to Steve BEFORE you begin the project.


[   ] _______2/Every day, describe 1) What you did, 2) What you liked/disliked, 3) Include pictures/drawings/graphics.Post this data in a Powerpoint(r) or at a website or blog. Parent permission slip signed if you're doing a website or blog.:List address for website or blog




[   ] _______ 3/Evaluate the project--What did you learn? What did you like/dislike? How would you change it?


[   ] 4/0.5 credit per week for assignment.completed successfully.


5/DCW/Grade: P/NC * Credit_____ * Date ________ * CP___*  Initials _______

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