Scientific Research & Presentation

This unit will help you as you research an environmental problem. Email Steve for the Scientific Research & Presentation curriculum guide.

Problem solving...
Problem solving...

3/What's the Problem? Yes, there ARE problems on this planet! Let's find out what they are and decide which one we would like to work on.


[   ] _______ SRP-1/PREWRITE...Cornell format...list and write about 3-5 problems you know about on Earth.


[   ] _______ SRP-2/Getting an overview of the situation. Go to and login: pecscience (password: pecbrainpop). Go to science> our fragile environment> humans and the environment. After you watch the video clip, take the graded quiz & write the score here _______. If you score less than 70%, retake the quiz until you score 70%+.  New score _____________


[   ] _______ SRP-2/Go online and search with Type in "Environmental Problems"; how many hits/results do you get? (Look at the top of the page where it says "About ____________________results" Fill in the blank. Do another search--"environmental issues". How many hits/results? ___________________________. One more search--type in "Top 10 environmental problems or issues". How many hits/results? ______________________________.


[   ] _______ 3-3/From your lists in part 3-2, pick 3-5 of the sites to look at and brainstorm the top 5 to 10 issues. Write them out. Now, circle the ONE you'd like to work on and list 3-5 reasons why you want to work on it.


[   ] _______ 3-4/Using an idea web, write the problem in the center and the issues/supporting facts on the lines that surround the center; include details. 


[   ] _______ 3-5/Rough Draftt--include a title page, intro/body/conclusion and bibliography. Follow the "PEC Typed Paper Guidelines" and the "PEC General Grading Rubric". Have one peer review your work (w/ rubric), make changes, then have a second peer review your work (w/ rubric) & make changes. 


[   ] _______ 3-6/Final Copy--when you've finished your final copy, email as copy to Steve: and give hardcopy of the idea web, rough drafts, & grading rubric to Steve for review and grading.


[   ] _______ 3-7/Meet with Steve to review your work; write the grade you received on your paper ____________



4/Experimentation & Research--Now that we've learned a bit about the topic, we can begin experimentation. 


[   ] _______ 4-1/Look at the National Lab Network/ National Lab Day site--pick one of the video clips to watch. Write a one paragraph summary.


[   ] _______ 4-2/Meet with Steve to pick a scientist. List their data here:


* Name:


* Email:


* College/university/business/organization:


* Phone:




[   ] _______ 4-3/Contact your scientist. Tell him/her about your project and how you see them helping you. Get help from him/her. Keep copies of all of your correspondence.


[   ] _______ 4-4/Review correspondence and progress with Steve.


[   ] _______ 4-5/Develop and conduct your experiment.




5/Sharing Our Findings With the Class and the Community--


[   ] _______ 5-1/Pick an organization to help you share what you've learned--eCyberMission, Google Science Fair, ExploraVision, other, or more other.


[   ] _______ 5-2/Complete the process with this organization.


[   ] _______ 5-3/Decide how you're going to present your project to the class--3 minutes. Options: poster OR brochure, Powerpoint(r), video, or other (decide with Steve)


[   ] _______ 5-4/Meet with Steve as you develop your presentation.


[   ] _______ 5-5/Present your project to the class. Use the Scholastic rubric for grading:


[   ] _______ 5-6/Record your grade here _____________; meet with Steve to record grade on your Unit Description Sheet.