ExploraVision & eCyberMission

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Groups of 2-4 students working on a project--October through January.

[   ] Grades 9-12 * ExploraVision

[   ] Grade 9 * eCyberMission

GROUP WORKTIME--at lunch on Wednesdays...12:20-12:50 P.M. You may bring your lunch to eat during worktime.


ExploraVision 2015-2016 * Links to our projects--

 Project FORMAT--Click!


Period One--Biology/Earth/Integrated

--Old vs. New Television--P1/Francisco & William

--Phone Hologram--P1/Robert, Brenda, Monica, Alexis

--The Microwave--P1/Autumn, Isaiah, Trevor, Alicia


Period Two--Earth Science

--Cell Phone--P2/Jessica,

--Ovens--P2--Maria, Angel, Ali, Megan

--Video Game Console--P2/Ciara R., Ciara O., Jonathan, & Silver Feather: https://sites.google.com/a/mypusd.org/video-game-console/

--Phone--P2/Patrick & Jessica


Period Four--Integrated Science

--Butterstick--p4/Angie, Jasmine, Randel

--Microwave Ovens--P4/The KKV Crew--Katrina, Krystal, Vanessa

--Television--p4/Celeste, Hailey, Lizveth

(Trevor, Monica--units)


Period Six-Biology

--Underwater Town/Team Agua--P6/Marco, Lizveth, Daniella, Lizeth T.

--Project?...Analis, Sandra, Marlene, Lizbeth: no webpage

--ExoSuit--P6/Makayla & Carolina: https://sites.google.com/a/mypusd.org/marolina2020/