CS/HoM Semester Project--Hank Bought a Bus!

Last semester, we ventured with Elia to the top of Mt. Everest; Spring 2014, we're going to study housing, ecology, the environment and travel "virtually" with Hank and his bus: http://www.hankboughtabus.com/


15 January 2014 * Week One/Who, What & Why--Cornell format--So, who is Hank? Why did he buy the bus? What does he want to do with it? Attach a picture of the bus. Find answers at the website listed above. 


22 January 2014 * Week Two/Recycled Living--Cornell format on your own paper:

Hank built his bus to be a small home. Let's see how you can use recycled material as you build your dream house. Print and include a picture of a unique home. Include who made it and how many people have viewed this video on the day you view...both are  on the link to the video which is a TEDtalk that's 17 minutes long--CLICK to view or type in the URL: http://www.ted.com/talks/dan_phillips_creative_houses_from_reclaimed_stuff.html * Last thing to do--click here; http://pecglobalscience.jimdo.com/edmodo-enrollment/ --enroll in the science class(es) you're taking @ PEC and write your login(s) in your CS/HoM notes __________ * This will take you 20 to 30 minutes to complete, so it counts as BOTH a CS/HoM assignment AND a DCW HBaB assignment.


29 January * Week Three/My Ideas for My Dream House of the Future--Cornell format on your own paper: What might your dream house in the future look like? List 7 to 10 things you'd like to have in your dream house, then draw a quick picture of it on the back of your paper.



7 February * Week Four/Where Does Hank Live? Cornell Format--Steve will give you paper with the travel map on it; put your name, date, science and period @ the top. Hank and friends are going to take their house on the road! Remember to bookmark this page and the travel post page. Read the first travel post--Getting Ready! http://www.hankboughtabus.com/travel-posts/ GOOGLE/research and write about the following--1) Where are they leaving from? 2) 1 to 3 facts about the state of Minnesota. 3) 1 to 3 facts about the University of Minnesota. 4) 1 to 3 facts about the Great Plains in the USA. Steve will give you an outline map of the USA. You'll use it as we follow Hank's journey. Staple it to your page with notes.



12 February * Week Five/First ImpressionsCornell Format—Read the BLOG and enjoy the pictures: http://www.hankboughtabus.com/day-3-first-impressions/#!prettyPhoto


Everything has a starting place and a learning/adjustment phase. Hank and friends are learning about the bus and how it actually works on the road. Write about their first 3 days on the road—1) 1-3 facts about the map at the top of the page, 2) 1-3 facts about Devil’s Tower, WY and the trip, 3) 1-3 facts about what’s working well on the bus and 4) 1-3 facts about problems and changes they’re making on the bus.


Think about a time you took something new and tried it out (examples--a thing you bought, food you ate or having a baby…) 5a) How did you think it was going to work? 5b) How did it work? 5c) What did you learn?


6) If Hank and his bus were in Tulare County, they might attend the 2014 World Ag Expo. Take a minute to look at the website and two minutes to look at the webcams--

Website: http://www.worldagexpo.com

Webcams: http://www.worldagexpo.com/live-webcams 


List 1-3 things you see at the website and with the webcams...


21 February * Week Six/The C*L*I*M*BCornell Format—http://pecglobalscience.jimdo.com/hank-bought-a-bus * Read the BLOG and enjoy the pictures: http://www.hankboughtabus.com/day-3-12-the-climb/


1) Write a paragraph about a time you were on a long and SLOW trip.

2) Spend 2 minutes looking at the map at the top of the page. Write 1-3 things about where they are now.

3) Google "Yellowstone National Park"...list 3 to 5 facts about the park.


26 February 2014 * Week Seven/YellowstoneCornell Format—http://pecglobalscience.jimdo.com/hank-bought-a-bus * Read the BLOG and enjoy the pictures: http://www.hankboughtabus.com/day-4-yellowstone/


1) Map--Study the map @ the top of the page; write 1-3 things about it

2) Time to Talk--Hank and Justin met Kevin...write 3-5 things about Kevin--

3) Facts & Figures--a) How much did Kevin pay for his photographic equipment? b) What's the license number on Kevin's motorcycle? c) What's the difference between "work" and a "job/career"? d) What would you like to do for a career? 

4) Beauty--Why might Kevin like to take pictures at Yellowstone?

5) Photographs--a) Do you like to take pictures? b) Describe your 1-3 of your favorite pictures.


5 March 2014 * 8/Week Eight/Hot Rocks & Geothermal Energy--Cornell Format—http://pecglobalscience.jimdo.com/hank-bought-a-bus  


1) On the Board--make a bar graph of our favorite March holidays; color the bars. Which holiday is the winner?

2) Map--Yellowstone National Park map is printed on the back of this page. Take 2 minutes to study it. About how many miles is it from the west to east side of the park?

3) Facts & Figures--click 'n read...

a) What is geothermal energy?

b) List 3 to 5 of the major places in the world where geothermal energy is found?

c) How can we use geothermal energy to make electricity?


7 March 2014---#9--we have to get off the bus...good luck, Hank!


Summary--list 3-5 things you liked/learned on this adventure...